Curiosity, Meaningful, Change Maker, Mindful Design, Togetherness.

A world which creates less waste, both virtual and physical, makes more of that which truly enriches our lives, and where responsible actions are rewarded profitably.





​​​​​​​​Amy du Pon is a visionary, collaborative, action-orientated senior strategist, who is passionate about helping organizations grow through experiences that matter, at the intersection of marketing, design and innovation.

Amy brings rich experience from Havas Media Group and UM, with expertise in: leading and growing practices, including Havas's pioneering economic wellbeing practice Meaningful Brands™; building multi-category marketing communications - solving client challenges, developing insights and strategies, brand purpose and social impact, co-creating ideas and solutions; growing, training and inspiring teams, on both the client and agency side. 

Amy has had the opportunity to work with great leader and challenger brands across most categories. Uncovering pockets of growth for pioneering brands such as TCCC, Danone and Philips. Strengthening customer relationships with tech brands through enhanced accessibility, edutainment, decision-making experiences for Intel, MSFT, Xbox and Motorola, globally. Shaping behavior change in payments with MasterCard, in luxury with LVMH and in health with NBTY, among others.


Amy graduated with a BA Honors in International Business from the University of the West of England, UK.